Market dates


Shops & markets TobyE jewellery will be selling at in 2017



The Vale Studios 

The Vale Studios, an artist hub on the northern beaches owned by Toby Eagle (TobyE jewellery). 

There are 4 studios with in the Vale , Toby herself occupies one of the studios and 3 other artists occupy the others. It is a place where creatives, designers and small business can create, collaborate and hold workshops.

Please email Toby and make an appointment if you wish to catch up with her at the studios to discuss comissions etc.


if you are an artsist looking for space to hold weekend workshops.

Instagram:  @thevalestudios

Location: Brookvale, Sydney

Contact Toby:



Markets 2017 



Olive tree market- Saturday 2nd of September, 2017

time: 9am - 3pm  where: Civic park, Newcastle



Olive tree market- Saturday 7th of October, 2017

time: 9am - 3pm  where: Civic park, Newcastle



    Avalon market day- November 2017

time: 9am - 4pm  where: Avalon, Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW



Olive tree market- Saturday 2nd and 16th of December, 2017

time: 9am - 3pm  where: Civic park, Newcastle





Fresh Fox boutique

TobyE jewellery is now selling in store and online at Freshfox boutique.

22 Lawrence st, freshwater,nsw,2096


Lily and Mitchell

643 Military Road, Mosman, NSW










 TobyE jewellery and two other local artisians opened a new Gallery/shop in Freshwater, NSW.

 We were testing the waters and decided to open for a short period of 6 months 

 and proudly exhibited our own work as well as works by other local artists. 

 It went exceptionally well so keep an eye out on my Instagram page as we may open again soon!!!!


Lawrence St Makers 

 Location: shop 24 Lawrence street, Freshwater, NSW, 2096