Caring for your jewellery

How to prevent tarnish on your Gold and silver pieces 

Silver and gold pieces can react with sulphur compounds in the air especially in humid environments causing them to tarnish. If you live in a humid place you should take extra care to protect your jewellery, and avoid leaving your jewellery in the bathroom.

The best way to prevent this is to keep your jewellery sealed in a dry zip lock bag in a jewellery box.

You should also avoid harsh chemicals, perfume and lotions from coming into contact with your jewellery.


Cleaning your jewellery

Wearing jewellery regularly can help slow down the process of tarnishing, movement of the metal against your skin will help keep it clean.

A good quality polishing cloth is the best way to get rid of tarnish. Polishing cloths are impregnated with chemicals which remove tarnish and are soft so they won’t scratch the metal. You can use these cloths until they are black but you must make sure you do not wash them. Silver dip is not recommended.

Gold plated surfaces will wear over time, so treat them with care to protect them. Avoid polishing them too vigorously or using harsh cleaners. 




Stainless steel

316 Marine grade stainless is great as it doesn’t require polishing and is ideal for humid conditions. If over time you find little scratches and your piece and it has a matt finish, you can simply go over it with fine sandpaper or scotch-brite. (only for Matt surfaces)